If I look Down to the World, Will the Sky be Mine?

- Strawberry Drops x3

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Anonymous asked: Hey, it's the anon with the messed up nightmares! I actually had a dream about AnR! It's when Otoya is expelled from the school. The whole class is there to see her off, but she whispers something to Haru before she leaves. Oh, and she gives everyone biscuits. O_O

Oh hellos~ did you think hard enough about it to have a dream about Otoya/AnR in general? XD Or did it just randomly happen oO 

That is oddly peaceful of her and biscuits…I wonder if she made them LOL So what was Haru’s reaction like after Otoya whispered to her? Actually what was the general reaction of the class~ 

I would like a dream of Otoya again…or Mahiru/Shinya or them running around ‘cause I can’t imagine them running around like Chitaru/Tokaku would. I want an obligatory beach episode of them~

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